Looking back...

Our story began back in 2010, willing to create a human company focused on tailored services.
We keep since then our Boutique phylosophy, being close to you in all circumstances.

Since 2015 we work in Appian... and we love it every day more.
In 2018 we launched AAT, a revolutionary tool to automate not only Appian testing, but the whole Appian QA stage.

Today we offer services across Europe and our team is located in Europe, America and India.

Friendly technologies

In continuous contact with Appian Lab.

Continuous integrations around the Appian platform

Combine Functional Test Automation with Performance Testing.


All areas of the company have been created to facilitate the relationship with clients from all points of view. From the most specialized service to the bureaucratic process, Ceita's staff will facilitate the relationship with clients and integrators at all times.


The continued evolution of Appian Automated Testing (AAT) allows for adaptation in even the most demanding environments, with a focus on security, systems integration and new innovative developments

Product Ownership

Evolve and take advantage of AAT (Appian Automated Testing) according to the technical and functional realities of customers.


Effective management of technical operations ensures the availability of all necessary resources and tools to provide a service that is oriented towards excellence.

Alliances - Sales & Marketing

Arrangment of services and people for the client.
Personalized service packages, agreements and alliances.

Admin & Legal

Handling billing and resolving bureaucratic issues, as well as obtaining approvals.

RRHH - People Care

Select the best professionals who are passionate about Appian for Ceita and for clients.
A Ceita Junior developer is equivalent to one of our senior developers.
Always recommending to integrators with great confidence the collaboration with Ceita

Information Security Policy

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