Gartner 2022 hiperautomation business trends

See what 3 trends Gartner thinks will impact this 2022

Trend 1º .- Increased participation of business technologists in #hyperautomation projects

A business technologist is a person whose primary job involves technology work or is performed through technology work, but is not engaged in IT or technical work. #Gartner estimates that more than 56% of companies applying this methodology maintain on average four or more concurrent hyperautomation initiatives underway, in which a large percentage (41%) will be business technologists.

Trend 2º .- Hyperautomation has come to stay

The main reason is that innovative measures in the business sector based on disruptive technologies are driving business and IT processes. The aim is to accelerate and refine business processes, which is why 50% of CEOs and 69% of boards surveyed by Gartner during the Digital Business Acceleration 2021 study revealed :

- 80% of executives expect to increase spending on digital business initiatives by 2022.
- 65% will increase the pace of digital business.
- 72% will shorten implementation timelines for digital business initiatives.

Trend 3º .- Forming groups of multidisciplinary professionals on the same team.

One of the key insights underlying the research has been the great cooperation between people who combine their expertise in the technology sector together with professionals who have business experience. This combination promotes the success of automation initiatives, because these teams are able to deliver valuable projects in the shortest possible time thanks to functional, process or industry-specific knowledge.

If you are interested in learning more about Gartner's 2022 trends, you can find the full report at:


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