What is Appian process mining

What is Appian process mining

Is this a new way of optimising my process, a way of providing additional insight, all together, or non of that?

A process is made up of people and teams from different departments, who store and manage data from various storage sources and #software. If one of these elements is wrong or gives problems, then the process will end up being damaged.

The solution to the problem is to find out which are the points of risk and those problematic processes and to try to find a solution based on data. This stage has normally consisted of the creation of multiple models and subsequent evaluation and selection of the one that best adapts to the circumstances of the problem.

Appian's #processmining can help you to facilitate the process of solving performance problems starting from a plan of your project, to begin is necessary to find the variables of interest and their implication in the matter that you want to improve. Next, assess whether you have the #data cleaned of rare values ​​to include only the correct ones, and make sure to lay out the labels along with a brief description of each of the categories to be classified. It will be necessary to incorporate variables with temporary data from descriptive metadata to obtain a history of the data generated by the processes.

Use the interface to extract and load data based on a variable of interest, which is used as an identifier to classify additional fields and check for #correlation between variables. The selection of the most important attributes entails a period of study of the case, the performance of the process will depend on its appropriate choice by not overloading it with data and the speed of data processing.

Everyone knows that vision is the most developed sense of the human being, so the visualization of graphics will serve to make decisions, it will be necessary to include comparisons between the proposed model and the current #process, from this one can observe anomalies or deviations from targets.


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