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We continuously translate experience, new solutions and new challenges into high-value service packages
that are highly appreciated by our clients.

Architects & Specialists

Architects are the swiss knife in Appian, while specialists are the key experts in a particular topic.
Learn how we offer their expertise for your projects.

QA & Test Automation

Generic testing tools lack Appian advantages. We perform QA and automatic testing totally alligned with Appian paradigm, and we simplify its complexity.

Application and system Audits

If you are experiencing issues with your Appian environment or somethingis  causing you constant problems, CEITA will help you performing an Audit focused on your needs

Architects will help you on key decision taking with their experience.

Specialists will tackle a particular problems or just help you to move faster.

Common example


QA Service package

according to you type of project.

A Single Squad
Service sized to a single squad. We usually train the current testers for them to automate and require only sporadic support.

What is your type of project?

How to find out if AAT is the right tool for my project?

Experience AAT speed and enjoy how our experts show how simple is to automate. See how we manage complex cases and learn all we can do for you.

Need to take a decision? Unsure if we can cover your particular scenario? We are here to help! Let us show you in your ground, all we can do for your project and how quickly you can automate in a hands on PoC.

A step forward

in Appian test automation.


Have your automated tests ready before finishing the development.

Check how easy it is

Any role can automate, every role collaborates in the test automation.


If you are thinking about an audit, you may need it.


What audit package do you need?

We help you to qualify your best audit deal.

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